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"The Silver Locusts" is Ray Bradbury's world-famous fantasy of man's earliest experiences on an alien planet. Outside of the United Kingdom it was published under the title "The Martian Chronicles". When I first read this book it left a lasting impression on me; an impression that has deepened over the years with each successive reading. The content of this website, especially the images, are an indication of the power, quality and influence of Ray Bradbury's stories.

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The "Chronology" section is the core of this site and will take you to my gallery of ongoing artwork depicting scenes from and inspired by the book. The intention is to have one image from each chapter of the book, and as the chapters are subtitled with the dates I have called this a chronology. I use a mixture of many different art applications to help me create these images but the most used ones are 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Bryce and Poser. I am no artist, but these tools allow me to put what I see in my minds eye into a format I can share with others

If you have a similar site to this, or have work you would like me to add to this site (fully credited of course) then please contact me.

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